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A good portrait of yourself?

Striking portraits! Tailored to you, customized, always in consultation. To be used for business and/or personal purposes. Also suitable as social media profile photo. A photo of professional quality. I make portraits in my studio or on location. Ask for the possibilities! To make an appointment, please contact me. The goal is to create a portrait that makes you happy!

Portrait package

A photo shoot in the studio in Delft for private individuals and self-employed (zzp'ers) is available from 195.00 euros including 21% VAT. This includes the post processing of images (retouching and editing). I make an online gallery where you can choose from the raw footage (at least if you want to, because obviously the selection can be done only by me). For this amount I edit two images and deliver it digitally in a format suitable for printing and "web quality", so it is suitable for linkedin, facebook etc. I crop the images (if desired) in rectangular and square format, so they are suitable for all kinds of social media use. Extra postprocessed images can be ordered at additional cost.

For corporate photography, please contact me for a price quotation.

Enthusiastic reactions

"I felt very much at ease"

"portraitphotography as art!"

"I found it fun to do"

"the result is a picture that makes me happy"

"I received so many compliments"

"professional portrait photos with attention to detail and a good feel"

"the result is a photo that makes me happy"

"Jacqueline relentlessly tries all possible combinations (background color, clothes, pose etc.) until she feels the result is perfect and you feel the same too"

Stylist and blogger Patrick Kooiman: take it from me, you really need a good portrait photo!

Studio in Delft

See you at my studio in the Bacinol building, Hooikade 13 in Delft (very close to Delft Centraal Station).